About Us

We recycle material, not ideas!

Our Mission

to improve people’s lives, provide them a better future, making the earth a better place to live in while protecting the nature, fighting the environmental challenges and by offering ethical waste management solutions, and more sustainable energy resources.

Our Vision

Change the way people think about waste by leading the markets we operate it in to a better future where materials are reused, and energy is renewable.


There’s a big difference between being in a community, and being part of it. That’s why focus on making a positive impact on the planet and places we call home.

Because Nature needs something in return

At our best, we inspire people from homes to cities to every kind of business to do the right things the right way through our ethical And eco-friendly business practices.
We don’t just serve alternative fuels; we serve a better future. Using waste that cannot be recycled as an energy source is a way to reduce the amount that is sent to landfill.

Our Awards

• In 2018, BioEnergy has been awarded with an honorary Alternative Fuel Award (AFA) by Lechtenberg& Partner at the 5th Alternative Fuels Symposium.
• BioEnergy has been recognized as one of the fastest growing company worldwide in the alternative fuels field for the project “Waste, Fueling the Future of Pyroprocess”.



Read more about our journy in Egypt


Bioenergy has a joint venture with Power Cement to build a facility in Pakistan that produces RDF with the capacity of 150 ton /day.


Bioenergy has a joint venture with Mass Group to build a facility in Sudan that produce RDF with the capacity of 150 ton /day.


Get to know the people who inspire us

At Bioenergy, our people are the key to our success. We believe that business like Bioenergy have to ensure an open, healthy and respectful culture for all our employees.
Our staff are consulted on matters that affect their careers and wellbeing positively and they, in return, play the most effective role shaping our success.

Board Members

Mahmoud Galal

With the aim of building a cleaner and more sustainable world, ensuring a better future and avoiding environmental damage.

As a pioneer of this vision, Mahmoud Galal (Founder & CEO) started his business with the name of BioEnergy. BioEnergy converts waste into fuel, resulting a more sustainable greener energy source, Refuse-Derived-Fuel (RDF). Compared to fossil fuels, RDF is more affordable, and environmentally friendly. To support Egypt’s economic growth, BioEnergy is utilizing its experience and know-how in the Egyptian market for innovation in the whole cycle of waste management, including RDF production.

Beethoven Tayel


Ahmed El-prince

Financial Manager

Ahmed Magdi

Business Development Manager


More than three decades of experience in global waste markets

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